VPSG - Work Progress

Ongoing Projects

VPSG are currently working to ensure that a suitable bar soap is added to the list of hygiene products, and continuing to work on our concern that vegans are not sufficiently catered for by the majority of prison shops.

Prison News Sheets

In May 2003 VPSG sent out our first news sheet for prisons, to keep them up to speed on vegan issues. It contained answers to commonly answered questions about veganism, updates on our campaigns and other info.

This news sheet received a good response from prisons, and is now a regular occurrence, being sent out three to four times a year. Later editions have also included new vegan products; and all importantly, testimonials from ex vegan prisoners on how they 'were' or 'not' [as the case may be] catered for at the different establishments they were held at.

Police Constabulary Project

In February 2003 VPSG wrote to all police constabularies asking about their provisions for vegans. A further questionaire was sent in January 2007. Responses can be viewed on vpsg.info/PoliceCustInfo.html

Catering Information Pack

At the start of 2003 a Catering Information Pack was despatched to all prisons. It contained extensive information on catering for vegans as well as a vegan recipe book to provide ideas and inspiration. This means that prisons now have plenty of information to refer to when vegan prisoners arrive at their establishments. This pack was revised in 2007.

Further Information

For more information on our progress please see vpsg.info/Progress.html

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